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While browse around Katmandu Durbar Square you will visit Hanuman Dhoka, the old and historic palace of Kathmandu named after monkey God, Hanuman. It is historic seat of royalty. The Kings of Nepal are crowned and their coronations also held inside the court yard here. There is a statue of King Pratap Mall sitting on the stone pillar in the front and temple of Jagannath from mediaeval period .Within the walking distance you will find the tall temple of Taleju from 1549 AD, the large stone statue of Kal Bhairav, the God of destruction,. the Big Bell and Big Drum and Hindu Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati peeping from window.

Visit the temple of Kumari, the residence of Living Goddess within the vicinity. Kumari means the virgin girl. The girl is selected from Buddhist family. The building has profusely carved wooden balconies and window screen. Next a very interesting temple is Kasthamandap which is believed to be built from a single tree trunk and the name Katmandu is derived from this temple.

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    Kathmandu City Tour, Nepal

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